Dara is Czech photographer and currently she lives with her family in Prague. In 2000, she moved to Cologne in Germany and started to study languages (English, German and Italian) at university. But soon Dara realized that it was not the way she wanted to go... In 2004, she was lucky and came to Manfred Daams ‘s (a great German photographer) photostudio and started to learn from him. In the same time, Dara worked as well as an assistant and second shooter with many international photographers in fashion and advertisement photography. In 2006, she photographed her first wedding in Cologne. In 2008, after 8 years abroad, Dara moved back to Prague and specialized in wedding and portrait photography. Dara loves to capture the emotions of people and create the beauty. Besides photography Dara loves travelling, books, summer, sport and my family. In July 2014, she gave birth to her son, Tobias.